• CTA CIC, is currently running a 12-week virtual Work-Experience Programme, that aims to provide Key Work-Experience to Learners, they may work between 4-14 hours each week.
  • Careers (field of interest), Administration-Social Media-Website Design-Event Planning, Content Writing and many other opportunities.
  • Employer will soon become recognized as a brand that is not solely focused on profits, but one that is also committed to helping people succeed. Aside from the range of benefits it brings to the Employer, accepting an application provides lots of benefits for the individual applying.
  • You will increase their knowledge, build their skills, break the cycle for them, and given them a glimpse of what it is like to work in your industry.


  • This is to ensure learners are equipped with the right skills to obtain a successful career.
  • Learners will be offered ongoing job-support, through our partners, to ensure they achieve their personal, career or educational goals.
  • Collab Training Academy CIC (CTA CIC), will be on hand to assist with the development and wellbeing of the Learner


The majority of our learners will be working remotely, and some will be office-based, or at an agreed location, this is dependent on the Employer, and the type of Work-Experience/Role that the Learner is undertaking.


The Work Experience Program is aimed at the unemployed members and students from the community.

  Benefits for the Employer!

  • Offering work experience is a great recruitment strategy because it minimizes the risk of not hiring suitable candidates
  • It offers you and the Learner a chance to see whether the job/role is a good fit for them
  • Staff who participate in the work-experience, such as, by training the worker or buddying up with them, adopt a wide range of skills; employees will improve their teaching and communication skills and may find more effect working methods
  • You will benefit from work-experience, as the morale of your existing team is boosted
  • You can mould them to fit your working ideals and attitudes, for example, if they have never worked before, they will not bring behaviors and habits with them from other workplaces that may operate differently to yours.

    Benefits for Learners!

  • Learners will receive a Work-Experience Mentor, reference and part-time work opportunities.
  • Gain valuable practical knowledge working alongside experience/skilled staff
  • A sense of responsibility and a glimpse into the career world
  • Enhance your cv
  • Build confidence and develop job-related skills

   Necessary Documents for Employees

  • CV
  • 2 Proofs of ID
  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of address
  • Passport/Right to Work (in the UK) Document
  • UK Visa (if applicable)
  • 2 References- (If a college/university student or school leaver, a character reference, from your teacher/tutor, will be acceptable)


  • Apply for the desired position
  • Pass the 1st interview stage conducted by CTA CIC, if successful, an interview will be arranged between Employer and candidate
  • Provide 2 references
  • Sign GDPR and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • CTA CIC will match your cv/skills to a suitable Employer
  • A feedback form will be sent to the Employer on a monthly basis, to monitor your progress
  • CTA CIC will arrange a 1:1 meeting with the Leaner
  • We will require a testimonial from you, after the Work Experience finishes