Rose Watson-Thaw, Collab Training Academy CIC, Director is a seasoned Housing Benefits and Council Tax Assessment Officer, with over 20 years’ experience and is knowledgeable on Welfare Rights; this comes from working for various Local Authorities and also in my role of Administrative Officer with DWP.

I have helped a number of customers, making them aware of and to receive their maximum entitlement to State Welfare Benefits they were not aware they would be entitled to or could claim, to prevent poverty.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have the experience to treat everyone according to their needs and circumstances, therefore providing the service they deserve.

My passion is to ensure individuals aware of their rights to certain benefits and not just settling for what they assume is the final outcome, and also how to challenge benefits decisions, including assistance with benefits forms.

On Saturday 3rd Oct, at – 12.30m, “It takes a Village” Event, I will be having a Q & A on the following Topics;

• UC-Universal Credit
• JSAI-Jobseekers Allowance-Income based
• JSAC-Jobseekers Allowance-Contribution Based
• I/S-Income Support
• ESA-Employment Support Allowance
• Carers Allowance
• Child Benefits
• Housing Benefits
• Council Tax Benefits


Zoom meeting details:

Meeting ID: 898 1052 0989
Passcode: 826827


3rd Oct, at – 12.30pm