Downham Men’s Group


The Blue Ribbon Foundation

We target men and to provide a local outlet in which to meet and develop companionship, with a longer-term view to helping improve their health and wellbeing.

If you have the time you are more than welcome to come along, no age restrictions. You do not require any skills to partake in our programmes, just a commitment.

Walking Football is a unique small-sided ball game, It’s similar in some respects to Football and this is what makes it such a great sport.

When playing Walking Football, all of the skills you have learned will come flooding back. Memories will come back too because the game is familiar. It’s the game you love and remember but played in a new way.

Cost £3


Ten En Bee

120b Old Bromley Road



For more info:

Contact: Trevor Pybus


Mobile: 07821 292317

Facebook: Downham Men’s Group

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