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Founded in 2014, Sing a Book (SaB) produces musical theatre productions and workshops for young persons. The concept behind Sing a Book is to support and enhance children’s understanding of stories using the medium of original songs linked to books and musical theatre – bringing books and characters to life whilst developing a love for reading.

We work closely with school and work with a range of learning needs, including Special Educational Needs, English as an additional Language and Looked After Children. These children are usually identified as lacking in confidence and require additional to support to manage emotional issues through our weekly after-school drama book club.

At the end of the term the children produce a performance, accompanied by the song related to the book or author, to parents and/or the school, demonstrating their understanding of the text and main characters.

Sing a Book Productions

Our aims is to work with disadvantaged young people and the over 55’s from the BAME community who would not normally have access to the arts.

Musical theatre gives individuals an opportunity to express themselves, be exposed to difficult situations and how to manage these situations in a creative way. Through the arts of dance, acting and music they learn new forms of communication in a range of unique ways. Exposure to the arts can help improve children’s academics develop their self-expression and social skills.

Sing a Book has produced two recent musical theatre productions:

(a) Fern Meets Dido: The musical took place at The Shoestring Theatre, South Norwood on 3rd & 4th November 2018. The production adapted a children’s novel about the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle, Britain’s first aristocratic heiress of African heritage.

(b) Dido Through the Looking Glass (DTtLG): Building on the success of Fern Meets Dido, DTtLG was staged at the Goldsmiths Community Centre, Catford on the 29th & 30th August 2019, and focused on an original adventure inspired by the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle, interspersed with stories from several other significant historical black characters.

Evadne Bygrave and Pete Tidy wrote the original screenplays for both productions that contained original songs composed and written by Evadne Bygrave and Michael Fuller in various genres including RnB, hip-hop, jazz, reggae and ska.

Both productions were very successful in developing the relationships between the young and older cast members. The chemistry and rapport was incredible, they really bonded and displayed a mutual respect and consideration for each other.

2021 Production

Due to covid-19 and the uncertainty of its long-term impact to the Arts,  SaB will be producing an animated film production or audiobook of DTtLG that will be available to be accessed online comprised of:



Support materials


Health & wellbeing of young people

Dido Through the Looking Glass is important as it helps young people discover and realise their musical and theatrical potential by providing them with an opportunity to participate in a professional music and performing arts project. In addition to developing their creative skills, the young participants will also develop confidence and skills in collaboration, critical thinking and self-presentation.

Subject to compliance with any Covid-19 pandemic regulations, the young persons would be invited into a professional studio to record their acting parts and the songs. This would be the first experience of this nature for the participants.

We invite you to take a look at the work we do with young people and If you are interested in being part of our next production please us at email

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Thu 1st Oct
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