How to Write for Success

How to Write for Success


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Called the Science of Storytelling and whether it’s an application of curriculum vitae, there is a way of “selling” yourself to potential employees or decision-makers. A way of telling your ‘story’ that they are willing to even give you an interview. Since if not done properly, getting your foot in the door will be even more difficult.

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Sunday, 4th October 1:00 – 5:00pm


Participants to learn how important writing and storytelling is even when doing a CV, so that they can leave with a little knowledge and have the confidence in their own writing.


An opportunity will be given to the participants who require additional support and mentoring. This is a service and payment will be required


“Fear is just that, don’t let it…remember, we’re wealthy beyond measure, so why should we be”  


2020 – Bursary Awardee The Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction

2007 – Gold Award Poetic Soul Winner,

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Sun 4th Oct
Science of Storytelling

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