Have you ever thought of an idea for a great invention or thought about a service that would make life easier.

Well in this session Start-up in London Libraries (SiLL) Lewisham SME champion Mark Berbeck will be on hand to walk you through free support available to start on your business idea right here in Lewisham.

This borough is a diverse community representing a village and through a combination of workshops, 121’s, business diagnostics and networking SiLL can help offer the support from your village to build on essential business principles.

This session will walk you through the registration process, benefits and include Q&A.

The desired outcome is to inspire people who are (NEET), raise awareness to other organisations of what we do for mutual signposting and to hopefully have some clients register for SiLL to support their entrepreneurial journey.


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Zoom meeting details:


Meeting ID: 833 1516 3389

Passcode: 905306


W: www.lewisham.gov.uk/SiLL


07 OCT – 2.00 – 3.00 pm