Lewisham BAME Youth COVID-19 Impact Conference – PART 2


Working Together for Young People in Lewisham


Over 50 leaders from community groups and charities came together on 19th August to support the BAME youth in Lewisham who are particularly affected by Covid-19


This was the second of three on-line events organised by Collab Training Academy.  Speakers from organisations including Lewisham Young Leaders Academy, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Migrant Leaders, EMLM School and the Lewisham BAME Network shared stories on their work with BAME youth in Lewisham and sought ways to work together to make a real and lasting difference in our community.


Ron Bourne, conference attendee and speaker from The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust said: “This is precisely the type of initiative that we need in London. By collaborating across our varied organisations, we all understand the work that is currently going on, and can work together to provide new opportunities for education, career support, work experience, apprenticeships and permanent employment”


Maurice Thaw, CEO of Collab Training said: “There is a lot of great work being done with BAME youth in Lewisham but we could do so much more by working together.  This is a time for collaboration and joined up thinking.  This series of three conferences is based on conversations with over 170 organisations in Lewisham and is our way of learning from each other and preparing the ground for a different way of working in the future”


The third on-line event in this series is on 30th September. This is the time to ‘sign up and take up’ and will be followed Black History Week from 1st to 7th Oct where Lewisham BAME Youth will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of free training activities on topics such as finance; welfare rights; mental health and CV writing.

Our sincere thanks to all those organisations who have come together to support this initiative.

For more information and to register for the September event visit: https://collabta.org.uk/upcoming-events/


For more information on Black History Week in Lewisham visit: www.collabta.org.uk/


For more information please contact Maurice Thaw at Collab Training.

e: maurice@collabta.co.uk

m: 07772 037 792


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Lewisham BAME Youth COVID-19 Impact Conference – PART 1

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