Collab Training Academy CIC (“Hereinafter, referred to as CTA CIC”), are pleased to announced our membership offer. This an opportunity to cement our ongoing relationship with your organisation through a membership program.


This is a great way to foster loyalty and inform you of the benefits of joining. We are therefore formally inviting you to become a member of CTA CIC; in so doing you will receive various benefits to help your organisation.


The Membership offers;


  • Professional networking opportunities with all our connections
  • You will be able to exchange research information with other organisations as well as participate in programmes offered for various events/conferences
  • Free advertising (subject to content), on all our Social Media platforms
  • Collaborations and ongoing support for your projects
  • Advance notice and booking information on all our future events, before they are published.
  • Monthly Newsletters, on all our upcoming events, will be sent to you

In addition to the above you will also be able to request minutes from meetings and events, you have been involved in.




CTA CIC, agree that we will not, without written consent from your company, share information/Data, that may be disclosed to us.

What you need to do:

Just fill out the membership form below!