How to Write Your Book


So you would like to publish a book but haven’t started your manuscript or have trouble completing it? Many of us would love to see that final manuscript in all its glory, the difficulty for many is the having the ability to write. And do so, creatively.

Whether it is fiction or no-fiction book, there is a writing process and avoiding these situations is an impossible task. The solution, therefore, lies in knowing how to write creatively. If not done properly, the final manuscript will have a difficult time in making an impact on your audience. And if they do even acquire your manuscript as a new book, the way it’s presented may create a negative impression on your brand.

This one-hour intro workshop on will help you start the writing process, overcoming any challenge to do so.

Aims of this Workshop:

  • Participants to identify what they’d wish to write;
  • Empower individuals with the necessary tools and techniques to writing;
  • Show particular ways of how to write that first page;
  • Provide an overview of a book architecture;
  • Demonstrate how to dissect a blog, article or book into their various components;
  • Widen participant’s knowledge on techniques to manage their time, so as to finish any written work.

What will the participant learn?

Who is the course for?

  • For business owners, corporate senior management, entrepreneurs, directors, young people, parents or child(ren) with an interest in writing their first book
  • For people who want to achieve better results through writing effective stress management

Course Content:

  • Learning how to write a book from scratch
  • Identify writing styles
  • Writing techniques for books;
  • Self-management for writing stress reduction;

What will the participant gain?

  • Gain clarity on how to write their own book;
  • Confidence in writing anything;
  • Achieve better results through effective writing techniques;
  • Be self-organized when it came to writing.

Zoom meeting details:

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