BreathingSpaces Menopause has been sponsored by Mind, with the launch of the Menopause Cybercafé, taking place via zoom on Thursday 1st October from 6:30pm to 8pm.

This launch is called “What momma never told me!!”.

With hosts Susan Ryder and Fay Millen, who previously ran the Menopause Cafe, from PlaceLadyWell.

The event will include  interactive group discussions and breakaway sessions led by guest speaker Makeda J Hewitt.

We will be able to enjoy this from the comfort of their own home, discussing common denominators they go through during menopause, gaining health and wellness tips, ending the workshop with the women making a pledge for themselves.

So we encourage all women going through menopause to grab their free tickets to our launch via our Eventbrite page, at Not one to miss!


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