It Takes A Village





We are working collaboratively with over 100 Leaders
from  community groups, charities, and young Individuals who have come together
on our two conferences to support the BAME youth in Lewisham who are particularly affected by Covid-19.



             Launch & Networking via Zoom.

                     30th September 2020 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm.


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  • This is to bring together the community of Lewisham, to help and support the youths, families, and people of a disadvantaged background.
  • The aim is to create thousands of opportunities and support mechanisms, for the youth through the training programs, from health and wellbeing, finance, obesity, welfare rights, equality to school issues.
  •  Welcome and Introduction by Maurice Thaw, CEO and Founder of Collab Training Academy CIC – 6:30pm
  • Organisations and Individuals will be given the opportunity to network, (if they, so please), to discuss aims and objectives, ways to support the families of Lewisham Borough, working with the community stakeholders, Charities, and Individuals.

Black History Month 2020

We are celebrating Black History Month 2020 by dedicating one week full of opportunities to all people from the BAME community in Lewisham. It is our way of building a bridge between those who can provide and those in need by working collaboratively with local organisations, companies, and young people.

                                                                                    Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th October 2020

                                                                                    For the village, with the village, by the village. 

  Programmes & Opportunities

  • Seminars
  • Workshop
  • Training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work experience
  • Employment
  • Mentor programmes
  • Volunteers
  • Finance
  • Menopause
  • Funding
  • IT  ( Coding )
  • Welfare Rights
  • Finance
  • Book Writing
  • Support
  • Equality
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Art & Drama
  • Personal Development
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • E- Learning
  • Landscape & Gardening


In addition to these, further programmes will be confirmed closer to the date of the Event.


Providers need to Register for the Event and make a  Donation of a Minimum of £1 to participate.
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If you want to match fund your donation with resources, please contact us at:

P: 0208 2654443 or



Entrance is FREE for all attendees.


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Lewisham B.A.M.E Youth Covid-19 Impact Conference Part 2


Following the success of our Lewisham B.A.M.E Youth Covid-19 Impact Conference, on May 27th ​2020; we are pleased to announce the PART 2 of the Lewisham B.A.M.E Youth Covid-19 Impact Conference on Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 06:30 PM. The PART 2 of the conference aims to bring solutions, offers, and answers to the topics we previously discussed. Collab Training Academy CIC aims to take the next step by working  collaboratively with local organisations and individuals to face the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic on the youth BAME community in South East London.


Collab Training Academy will bring together employers, training providers, organisations who work with youth in the community and offer opportunities to the BAME community in order to provide work experience, mentoring, and job opportunity programmes, along with health, wellbeing, equality and other needs that we identified among young people. We aim to bring 10 speakers to the conference and will be discussing each topic as below:

  • Cummin’ Up – Richard Simpson
  • Migrant Leaders – Elham Fardad
  • Rushey Green Time Bank – Phillip Granger
  • Youth First – Marvin Kaye
  • David Michael MBE
  • Baseline – Ethel Punter
  • Paradigm Project – Joel Dunn
  • National Career Service – Motunrayo Sholola
  • Urban Synergy – Leila Thomas
  • YOUTH – Danielle Colleman, Jonas Andrew-Phillip, Lewisham Young Mayor’s Team


Our conference is easily accessible for all! We will be LIVE on Facebook and Youtube for you to send in your questions and interact with our speakers. This shall provide you with the great opportunity to network with key figures from a variety of backgrounds within the borough of Lewisham.


“All of us have experienced teams, we have the knowledge, we have our own organizations but I think it’s always good sometimes to listen to what other people have to offer within our network within the African Caribbean communities.”

David Michael, MBE – Ambassador at the Lewisham BAME Youth COVID-19 Impact Conference – PART 1


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